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IHP Reunion: this September

This is probably old news to many of you, but just in case you were unaware, there will be an IHP Reunion late this summer (September 4-5) in Lawrence, Kansas. The event will take place over a few days and will feature A party (of course!) – food, drink, music, and poetry An Extraordinary Form […]

Burns Banquet

For your enjoyment, the following is a shortened version of this year’s Robert Burns Memorial, the keynote speech and toast at Saint Gregory’s annual Burns Supper. I lang hae thought, my youthfu’ friend, A something to have sent you, Tho’ it should serve nae ither end Than just a kind memento: But how the subject-theme […]

The Essential Belloc: A Prophet for Our Times

Ladies and Gentlemen! Here it is at last the book that my father wrote along with Fr. John McCloskey and Brian Robertson, and which I helped to edit and research for.  Pre-order your copy today! Cheers, Peter Hilaire Bloch Dear Friends of Belloc: On behalf of my fellow editors, Fr. C. John McCloskey, Brian Robertson, […]