“The final cause of this blog is to provide a place

to share art, humor, commentary, and updates

concerning our disparate yet parallel lives”

The Four Causes of A Draught of Vintage

  • The material cause of this blog is complicated amounts of code, which my brother knows a lot about, but of which I am very ignorant.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that I am actually any good at “coding” or at HTML.  I basically mess around with the internet and wordpress, like a baby-man-child that can’t properly use his hands and arms yet and sometimes misses when trying to pick things up and put them in his mouth.   
  • The formal cause of this blog is “A Draught of Vintage-ness.”  This is how I always understood this cause.  It is the form of the thing.  The formal cause of a tree is “treeness.”  To quote the farmer Salatin: “I’m trying to respect the chickenness of the chicken.”  I’m not really saying this to be imprecise or a nominalist or something, it’s just that I don’t really want to define the form of this blog because it is constantly changing and taking on new aspects and discarding some.  That which is left is something like the final cause (there is a unique connection between a thing’s form and its final cause (is that too utilitarian?)).  In any case it is a community of friends looking at the world as it is without any lenses on.  The word “draught” can be a ‘gulp’ or a ‘taking in’ of a drink or smoke.  But I think that A Draught of Vintage is trying to take in a big mouthful of the world by surveying what is going on in the old blue sphere.
  • The efficient cause of this blog is a collaboration of friends, seeking the good, the true, and the beautiful in conversation elevated above Facebook.
  • The final cause of this blog is to provide a digital space to share art, humor, commentary, and updates concerning our disparate yet parallel lives.  A Draught of Vintage is of amateur aims, and by amateur I mean a lover of something. This amateurity, I hope, will encourage more people to share their wealth of shrewd knowledge and good cheer, not as experts, but as lovers of things – as amateurs and wondering creatures.