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Atticus Finch: Local and National Man of Virtue

     To Kill a Mockingbird presents us with a broken town in a broken county—Maycomb. The townspeople hold onto time-honored codes and conventions, some of which are laudable and some of which are reprehensible. The novel highlights the problem of appearances—as embodied in the town’s architecture. “The Maycomb jail [is] the most venerable and […]

Evelyn Waugh Book Review by Paul Johnson

For all of you Evelyn Waugh lovers out there.  I have dug up a little something to whet your appetites.  It is a sort of historical book review by Paul Johnson of A Handful of Dust. Here’s a preview (and coincidently my very favorite part): Waugh’s gifts as a storyteller are now so obvious to us, […]

Andrew Lytle on Kristin Lavransdatter

I recently discovered that the last thing Andrew Lytle published before he died at the ripe ol’ age of 92 was a book entitled Kristin: A Reading by Andrew Lytle.  Naturally, he’s referring to the heroine of the medieval Norwegian saga: Kristin Lavransdatter.   This is exciting on several levels—mainly that Kristin seems to be Lytle’s […]