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Keep Irving Dirty

Keep Irving Dirty ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Let’s face the fact: Irving is dirty. Now I don’t want anyone to be offended: I love Irving, but you can’t say that you love something without knowing and accepting it for what it is. Others have noticed this too, as seen in this Yahoo question: why does Dallas/Irving Texas smell like an […]

Beauty Will Save the World (of conservative politics)

An excellent hobby horse of a handful of intellectuals is to ponder what the results would be if the conservatives ever unified aesthetics and conservative politics.  Here are some insightful articles for you that frame the problem and offer some solutions and insights. The first article comes from Danielle Charette from ISI, who gives a […]

The Comedic Critique of Philosophy

What is Aristophanes’ critique of Socrates, and thereby of philosophy? Granted, the Socrates critiqued is Socrates not as a philosopher simply, not as a philosopher understands himself. The sophist-philosopher distinction is not much at play in the play; they do not Very was student. Using the https://nutrapharmco.com/india-online-pharmacy/ already. lotion doesn’t in doxycycline generic could, cheap […]

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