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A review of The Hobbit worth reading

My soon to be brother in law, Joseph Simmons wrote a very insightful and hilarious review of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. A Long Expected Failure [Spoiler Alert…well kindof…you have read the Hobbit, haven’t you???]

I have not abandoned you

My dear friends, I have not abandoned the Draught.  I have been on vacation.  One must vacation every once and a while.  It is important, you see, to take breaks and take your eye from your work.  I find it always gives me a wider and unbiased perspective to leave something for a bit, and […]

Last Blog Post as an Atheist

Here’s something edifying, entertaining, and enlightening. It’s a blog post by an atheist blogger who finally converted.  Her writing is witty and intellectual (to fill our pedantry quota). Enjoy, PB