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Bioluminescence of Fireflies

Proof that, sometimes, all you need is a good idea and the right execution. These long-exposure photos were taken by a man living in Japan. They show the bioluminescence of fireflies. Just as a science refresher, bioluminescence is that glowing neon light that fireflies give off when they want to attract a mate. Even though Hiramatsu might […]

University of Dallas Memes

We will play Wagon Wheel some other time…

The In-Between Seasons

Zach Culley (Luke Culley’s brother) wrote a poem about the in-between seasons.  I heard this poem in high school; Mr. Landell read it to us in Logic class, I believe.  I love the in-between seasons.  Here are some pictures from Phoenix in-between summer and autumn.  All of these photos were taken outside of my house […]