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Dr. Moran made some interesting comments yesterday, a propos UD’s recent/upcoming fundraising effort. While most of the content was stock, I had some questions. “Moneybomb.” Who came up with this name? Imagine Louise Cowan has been away for several years and you’re giving her an update about the school. You aregoing to flinch and get […]

Paul Spring Album Review (music available on iTunes)

Paul Spring‘s new eponymous album is available on iTunes.  The music is excellent all around!  It has top notch production quality.  The lyrics walk the line between universal and particular, and the chord progressions with wailing harmonies are the backbone of the sound: they really set the tone of the whole album.  This is most pronounced in the […]

“Jerusalem’s Claim on Us” – Dr. Louise Cowan

It is my pleasure to direct your eyes to an essay by our beloved Dr. Louise Cowan.  It is called “Jerusalem’s Claim on Us.”  This essay has lifted up my soul so well that I do hope you set aside some time to read it.  Dr. Cowan has delved into the very nature of the […]