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The Temptation to Tidiness

Oriens:  The Journal of the Ecclesia Dei Society of Australia https://www.oriensjournal.com Winter 1999 The temptation to tidiness ———————————————————————————————————————————————- “THERE ARE many mansions in my Father’s house,” so says Our Lord. “If there were not I should have told you.” The metaphor of the Church as God’s household is an attractive one. We live in a […]

Getting and Spending

I recently aqcuired a print of Richard T. Scott’s “The Time Traveller’s Wife” from Fine Art America. Perhaps there is a small lack of beautiful things in my house; I want there to be more beautiful things around. If money can buy beautiful and uplifting things, why do we spend it on junk?  Human nature…give […]

Update: Things of Interest

I’ve been away for a bit, so here’s a quick update on what is going on. 1. I went to graduation over this past weekend at the University of Dallas to see my sister, Mary, graduate.  It was a great weekend, full of joyous times.  I got to see old friends, make new ones, visit […]