Gregory the Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Land of Song

Dear Friends,

Gregory the Great Academy is gearing up for their annual crowdfunding campaign Land of Song – The Place of Music in Education.


You might recall last year’s crowdfunding campaign. They are calling for people to signup to be a part of it in order to get the word out. The title of the campaign is Land of Song, which are lyrics from the school’s song “The Minstrel Boy” by Thomas Moore. This song encapsulates the poet warrior spirit of the academy, recalling the brave and self-sacrificial deeds of the minstrel boy. These crowdfunding campaigns are incredibly important

Senior rugby players 6

Class of ’05 Rugby players

because they help the school’s tuition assistance program that lets deserving boys attend the school who cannot make full tuition payments. Without this fund, many of my friends would not have been able to attend St. Greg’s. Let’s get the word out there, and raise some dollars to support this great institution.

Click Here to signup as a member of the crowdfunding campaign team.

As an incentive, if you signup, you can download a complimentary copy of the album Introibo, which was recorded mainly by the class of ’05 (my class).

Peter Hilaire Bloch

SGA Class of 2005

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