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How Does Art Reflect Culture?

Does Art Reflect Culture? How is art reflective? Primarily this article explores how 20th century art reflected the culture around it This should provide some help to those looking for modern examples of art reflecting the culture ———————————————————————————————————————————————- From time to time I have heard the expression that “art reflects the culture around it”. I was curious about what […]


λóγος Hi everyone, Welcome to the *shiny new* A Draught of Vintage site. I hope that you all feel at home here, because this is the new site. It’s [almost] completely operational, and I expect that y’all are savvy enough to be able to post things on your own and such.  When you do a post […]

Best Rugby Team Ever

Some kid from SGA named Andrew S did this.  I’m pretty sure that this rugby team would demolish everyone. s