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Report from the homefront

Two things of note are happening in the bubble:

First, a group of us are putting together a new publication called The University Shield. The idea began in light of all the presidential buzz last semester. Campus debate over the three candidates often included very fuzzy or sometimes incorrect appeals to the “ideals” of the university, if they even included them at all. The faculty did what they could last semester by hosting a panel on the Legacy of Willmoore Kendall. De Alvarez, Alvis, and Lady Louise each said a few words. Now a few of us students are trying to do our part by putting some of the major UD ideas into the public forum through an archival, journalistic medium. So pretty much we are digging through the archives, finding lots of cool old stuff — stories, speeches, etc. — and writing about them in attempt to bring light to and explore the genuine character of the university. The name itself, the UD Shield, is actually the name of the first campus publication from the nascent years. It’s an odd little project, but I think it will do some good. So look for that soon. We should have an online version eventually. Or if you have any thoughts or ideas, I’d like to hear them.
But more importantly, a hardwood floor just went into the barroom. It’s classy. Y’all should come visit and check it out. (Nick says hi.) (and so does Sam Harvey.)