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As many of you know, my great grandfather Albert Bloch has had a tremendous influence on me as an artist. As a little boy I was dazzled and enthralled when I first climbed up into his attic studio in Lawrence Kansas to peruse his paintings and hear about him from my great grandmother Anna.  His […]

Beauty Will Save the World (of conservative politics)

An excellent hobby horse of a handful of intellectuals is to ponder what the results would be if the conservatives ever unified aesthetics and conservative politics.  Here are some insightful articles for you that frame the problem and offer some solutions and insights. The first article comes from Danielle Charette from ISI, who gives a […]

Get to know Richard T. Scott

I stumbled across Richard T. Scott a couple years ago, and I have been following him ever since.  Not only is his work skillful, thought-provoking, and beautiful, but the artist himself is fascinating, witty, and intelligent.  His vocabulary is Aristotelian, he references the greats of art history and is familiar with philosophy (in fact he is […]