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You know when

You’ve been meaning to listen to the music that someone recommended to you for a long time?  I finally did that.  I listened to Ratatat’s Album “Ratatat.” You should try it out. -Peter P.S. – Chris, thanks for the song!  I tried to comment on the post but my blog is currently able to choose […]

Nothing to Report / T. Roperot G. Nihton

I’m rounding the corner, entering the home-stretch, and finding that last bit of energy to push me through to the end.  Summer is almost here.  I’m finding it increasingly more and more difficult to resist the temptation to be busy.  Busy in a bad way that is. In a way, idleness is important.  I mean […]

‘Exstasie’s’ Centrality in Donne’s “The Exstasie”

ExtasieEssay I wrote this for Davies back in the day…UPRIGHT!!!!!!! (orthei)