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“Jerusalem’s Claim on Us” – Dr. Louise Cowan

It is my pleasure to direct your eyes to an essay by our beloved Dr. Louise Cowan.  It is called “Jerusalem’s Claim on Us.”  This essay has lifted up my soul so well that I do hope you set aside some time to read it.  Dr. Cowan has delved into the very nature of the […]

Patron Saint of Teachers

The 12 Virtues of a Good Teacher : Gravity Silence Humility Prudence Wisdom Patience Reserve Gentleness Zeal Vigilance Piety Generosity -St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle (patron saint of teachers) ora pro nobis

John Senior Quote for Teachers

A teacher must not only be willing to die for his students, he must be willing to be killed by them. For at a certain age, he loves them more than they do themselves. When they grow older and have pupils of their own, they will pay the price by being hurt themselves. -Dr. John […]