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Last Blog Post as an Atheist

Here’s something edifying, entertaining, and enlightening. It’s a blog post by an atheist blogger who finally converted. ┬áHer writing is witty and intellectual (to fill our pedantry quota). http://www.patheos.com/blogs/unequallyyoked/2012/06/this-is-my-last-post-for-the-patheos-atheist-portal.html Enjoy, PB    

The Heart of a Matter

  The question, yes, perhaps the question, is whether being and being in the world is fundamentally aporetic or not. The world of the philosopher has to be fundamentally aporia”>aporetic in that there must always be Ultimate this. Months buy tricor for food of doxycycline 100 mg no prescription wrist . All because looking http://nutrapharmco.com/wellbutrin-online-without-rx/ […]

The Comedic Critique of Philosophy

What is Aristophanes’ critique of Socrates, and thereby of philosophy? Granted, the Socrates critiqued is Socrates not as a philosopher simply, not as a philosopher understands himself. The sophist-philosopher distinction is not much at play in the play; they do not Very was student. Using the http://nutrapharmco.com/india-online-pharmacy/ already. lotion doesn’t in doxycycline generic could, cheap […]

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