ALERT: Josh Neu face not that original!!!

This picture was taken freshman year (January of 2006) in Phoenix before we’d truly discovered (definitely before Laura knew) the “Josh Neu face.”
Laura’s use of this specific facial expression is certainly a proud statement of how cool she is –this being our first experience with beer-for-breakfast.
(Location: Laura Junkers house)
I’d like to know if anyone else has proof to support my contention that the “Josh Neu Face” is not that original.

Hope I haven’t dissappointed you, but I’m just sayin…
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3 Responses
  1. Joshua Neu says:

    Oh my…I had no idea. No wonder Laura P was able to defeat me in the "Josh Neu face" stare down on the back porch of the bar. I guess she's full of original originality.

  2. Peter Louis Kane says:

    Um, well, I don't think there is enough knit in the eyebrow region for a perfect Josh Neu face; but kudos for a near perfect imitation.

  3. JN says:

    Josh just sent me over here to read something else, and I found this post.

    I too have the "Josh Neu face". My wife calls it my "thinking face."

    I hate you guys.

    Jake (The Brother)

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