Guacamole Dip

This summer I have been investigating the possibility of becoming more domestic. With that possible telos in mind, I have designed a recipe (this is, they say, I vital step in becoming domesticated). Fear not, this recipe involves a plethora of manly things: knives, peppers, eating, squeezing limes, etc. And I don’t give a damn what the pixies think.

Bloch-o-mole Dip
3 Avocados – Cut open Avocados (Jerry recommends listening to Slipknot). Scoop out the guts and put in a bowl. Smile your work to see.
1 Tomato -Dice this tomato and put it into the bowl. (Remember, shorter on the sides and put everything in the bowl hereafter)
2 cloves of Garlic – Dice this garlic. (Vampires? No, you need it to keep those cougars away!)
1/4 Onion – Dice this quarter onion (If you’re Misko, or just that way, use whole onion)
1 Jalapeno – Dice this Ja-lap-in-o. (Just do it)
1 Scoop (small) of sour cream – (optional)
Add salt, squeeze juice of 1/2 a lime, and I feel like I’m missing something…
Mix it up and enjoy with tortilla chips.

If you have things that you like in your guac, I’d like to hear about it.
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7 Responses
  1. Paul K Gautier, Jr says:

    You might run that garlic and onion in a pan for just a bit with some oil. Getcho sautee on.

  2. Lord Bloch says:

    That is an idea, which sounds better when you say "Getcho sautee on;" however, I would add that there is a time for sautee and a time for the refreshing crunch of a raw onion among the softness of avocado.

  3. Paul K Gautier, Jr says:

    Well, you don't need to liquefy the onion. Just do it a little to get the onions to start releasing their flavor and combining with the garlic. It's the legittest.

  4. Lord Bloch says:

    Fair 'nough.

    (I'm gonna have to start using that word "legittest")

  5. Hughes says:

    okay, I do not condone this as a blog post, but I can't help but inform you that if you are not using Chile Powder, you are really missing out.

  6. Joshua Neu says:

    Um…not to be pedantic, but can the act of making blochamole dip have a merely possible telos, rather than an actual telos? And for that matter, is a possible telos possible? I guess it depends on whether we mean the term "possible" as a synonym for potential in the act/potency distinction or if we mean "possible" as part of modal logic. So I guess we need to make this distinction if we are going to discuss the possibility of a possible telos or the possibility of a potential telos, whichever Peter intended.

  7. Lord Bloch says:

    Well, not to acknowledge your pedantry, but I guess I used the words "possible telos" improperly or imprecisely. What I wanted to convey was this: I might be interested in pursuing domestic things as a means of achieving yummy foods. I used possible rather than optional or voluntary. I used telos instead of end or goal (in the general non-precise-philosophical way).
    But, just curious, what is a "possible telos?" Is this some sort of analytic philosophy clandestine concept?

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