Another Marathon

Here’s the latest from Scranton: I finished the Steamtown Marathon last Sunday. I think my training plan is getting more and more solidified–no running, continual carcinogination of the lungs, lots of late nights, and a gun time of about 3:55:30. No walk breaks this time; I ran consistent nine-minute miles the entire race, lowering my personal record by a minute and a half. Let’s see: if I cut out cigabooze nights, I can cut a minute per mile off my pace, and if I train, maybe I can cut off another minute per mile! Boston qualifying, here I come!

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2 Responses
  1. Peter Louis Kane says:

    Beautiful, John

  2. Joshua Neu says:

    Are you sure you're not walking across the finish line. You look like you are stepping rather cautiously, or perhaps, much as the cat who "climbed over / the top of // the jamcloset / first the right / forefoot // carefully / then the hind / stepped down // into the pit of / the empty / flowerpot."

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