Google Trends

Google trends tracks the number of times a certain word or phrase has been searched on Google and compiles the data on a graph.  Here is what the google-machine came up with for the word Jerry.

Not incredibly interesting but if you search terms like “end of the world” you find interesting results: there are suspicious spikes in the number of times that the phrase is searched in 2008 and 2009.
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  1. Mary Sexton says:

    What is John Sercer doing? I was thinking of him because my shoes assumed a Sercer-like state that made my mother cry out in horror. If I were better at algebra, I could express it mathematically: as one moves from male to female, the chances that one's shoes will be allowed to become this horrible get lower; but as one moves from richer to poorer they get higher. Apparently I was at the right combination of female but also both impoverished and cheap.
    But seriously where is Sercer?

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