Hi everyone,

Welcome to the *shiny new* A Draught of Vintage site.

I hope that you all feel at home here, because this is the new site. It’s [almost] completely operational, and I expect that y’all are savvy enough to be able to post things on your own and such.  When you do a post and want to put in some clever and/or useful “tags” you’ll notice that they’re tags not categories.  You can also select from the “most used tags.”  If anyone is having problems, do contact me.

25 Points for whoever can identify this shade (haha get it shade!?).

I want to direct your attention to a couple new things on the site.  I’ve got some cool static pages that you might want to check out. Particularly the “artwork” page is worth checking out. I’ve got some new things up there. If you would like to commission something or purchase it, I am more than happy to discuss that with you. I’m going to try to start building up a portfolio and begin selling art and presenting it as well. My first show, I hope, will be going up in a local coffee shop in October!

There’s an “About” page which explains some stuff and gives some background.  I also put in some pictures to make it more interesting.

For the “A Draught of Poetry” page. I have my favorite poems up there, but I would really like y’all to send me a list of just a number of your favorite poems!  I would like to be able to have a variety of poetry, mostly because I’m interested to find out what you like.  So please either e-mail it to me or use the “contact” form if you don’t have my e-mail.

As far as the labels race is concerned, it seems that “poetry is leading with 41 tags, and “Josh Neu face” is a close second with 26 tags.  Jerry at 25 takes 3rd place.  I’m disappointed to see that “Peter Kane Loves Too Much only has one tag.

[New Soul], Peace and Love, Truth and Euclid, Hell’s Ditch,

Peter Bloch

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4 Responses
  1. Christine says:

    That shade is Joe A! Totally Joe… bam!

  2. Anne Lorimer says:

    Congrats to the New Soul of “A Draught”
    LA La La la la la la la la la la…..
    And, come on Christine:
    That “shade” is sooo Chelsea…

  3. Lord Bloch says:

    Really? Really Christine? Really?

    No just kidding, yeah it’s Jamo.

  4. Paul K Gautier Jr. says:

    That’s the angriest shadow I’ve ever seen.

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