something to see: THE SEVENTH SEAL

Imagine playing a game of chess with Death during the Black Plague in order to stall your time on earth while you attempt to figure out for realz whether there exists a God right after you fought in a Crusade. Worth a watch, I say.

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3 Responses
  1. Lord Bloch says:

    Thanks James! I will put it on the Que

  2. Lord Bloch says:

    I saw it…and fell asleep at the end, so I have to re-watch it, but of what I did see (which is about 90% of the movie) was all right at best; I felt that the movie takes itself too seriously while being platitudinous and hyperbolic to the point of nausea.

  3. James Christian Mackenzie says:

    The subject matter is pretty weighty here, so I don’t find Bergman’s tone to be too inappropriate, though he does exaggerate. And it’s always healthy to remember this is filmmaking of yesterday. FINISH IT!!!

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