Barcelona. See it.

If you haven’t heard of director Whit Stillman yet, then you should remedy that.  Whit Stillman has 4 movies out: Damsels in Distress, The Last Days of Disco, Metropolitan, and Barcelona.  I recommend them all, but if you had to see any one of them and not the others, then I would encourage you to see Barcelona (the other two are fantastic, and if you see one, then you’ll be craving more).

Barcelona (1994) is a comedy about two young idealistic male Americans in Spain (not like Anthony Garret in Spain) at the end of the Cold War.  As is the case in all of his movies, one of the things that Whit Stillman does so well is dialogue.  Stillman has a keen sense of the amalgamation of high and low (something Sercer enjoys).  He deals with deep themes, incorporates works from the Canon, portrays the frustration, naivety, Romance, willfulness, and ecstasy of youth without being cliche.  He captures some aspect of the philosophic query into the nature of love, and he does this while making you laugh.  He invites you to yourself fall in love with the characters and all of the richness of Spain.  I really want to go to Spain after seeing this movie!

So, if you’re looking for a great movie that won’t leave you feeling entirely depressed about life then go and see Barcelona by Whit Stillman.


Lord Bloch

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  1. cheltz says:

    well. i just noticed that this was tagged, but I cant help reiterating….

    and she was HOT too!

    but really, I am going to take the recommendation!

  2. Elizabeth and I watched this movie the other night on your recommendation. Great movie! Thanks so much for the referral.

    “Plays, novels, songs – they all have a “subtext,” which I take to mean a hidden message or import of some kind. So subtext we know. But what do you call the message or meaning that’s right there on the surface, completely open and obvious? They never talk about that. What do you call what’s above the subtext?”
    “The text.”
    “OK, that’s right, but they never talk about that.”

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