Art and Narrative

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to CLICK HERE to read Dr. James M. Wilson’s article in First Principles, which he states “Address[es] the pressing need for conservatives to make their case in terms of narrative — which is the mother of all the arts” (

The title of the article is “The Treasonous Clerk: Art and Beauty against the Politicized Aesthetic”

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Wilson speak twice last week.  I spent the evening with him discussing a great deal of captivating and intriguing subjects.  He has a great knowledge, and his studies are closely tied to my own, particularly the intersection between art and poetry.  Dr. Wilson argues that all art has narrative, whether actual or “implied” (he used the word exogenous).   Our conversation has inspired me to redouble my studies in aesthetics, art, and poetry.  I hope that reading his essay will give you some food for thought, and inspire you to noble action.

Peter H. Bloch

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