Catholic Foodie? Catholic Drinkie!? Awesome!

I found a couple blogs that you all might enjoy, especially y’all domestic types.  The first is called Catholic Foodie (“where food meets faith”).  It’s a pretty legit blog with a whole bunch of recipes, such as Pan-Fried Catfish: A Louisiana Lenten Tradition or their Seafood Gumbo.  I will wager that their seafood gumbo is nowhere near as delicious and legit as Klaus’ Gumbo (did we ever decide whether or not babies should be exposed to Gumbo?).

The second blog is called Catholic Drinkie.  The name is a play on the word foodie.  It’s a newer blog that should be updated more often and all that but I really like the idea and the sentiment.  So check back every once and a while there to get some good reviews of beer, or fun facts about wine and its importance in the church, and such.



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  1. Nicole says:

    Love these! Thanks Peter. Great blog by the way.

  2. Thanks Nicole! I love the intellectual tenor and warm tones of Forgotten Altars. Thanks for reading, perhaps we can setup some kind of a blog relationship? Guest posting or something?

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