Paul Spring Album Review (music available on iTunes)

Paul Spring‘s new eponymous album is available on iTunes.  The music is excellent all around!  It has top notch production quality.  The lyrics walk the line between universal and particular, and the chord progressions with wailing harmonies are the backbone of the sound: they really set the tone of the whole album.  This is most pronounced in the song “The Night.”  But the album offers more; Spring demonstrates his musical ability: “Lake Louise” has a kind of maturity and bitter-sweet sentiment to it, but then he is able to present something with as much levity and ‘spring’ as “Jackson Pollock.”  There are sweet guitar solos, beautiful ballads, spine-tingling coming of age songs, poetic references (Wallace Stevens!), and groovy drum and bass beats.  Paul Spring has sprung. – GET IT!

Paul Spring Song Superlatives

Best to drive to: The Night, Plum Street

Most Beautiful: Stormy Sea, Thin Veil

Most Bone-Chilling: Lake Louise

Most Different (in a good way): Mind of Winter, Into the Water



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