Getting and Spending

tttorderI recently aqcuired a print of Richard T. Scott’s “The Time Traveller’s Wife” from Fine Art America.

Perhaps there is a small lack of beautiful things in my house; I want there to be more beautiful things around.

If money can buy beautiful and uplifting things, why do we spend it on junk?  Human nature…give me the shiney objects!

I found a shiney object at Target the other day; it was on clearance because nobody wanted it.  It was a metal nautilus shell.

This is the metal Nautilus Shell (minus the crazy stand).

This is kindor what the metal Nautilus Shell that I bought looks like (minus the crazy stand).

The Nautilus shell is a symbol of divinity and beauty.  It’s structure employs a logorythmic spiral which has the golden ratio proportions.  Although this particular metal Nautilus shell is pretty tacky looking, I was nevertheless excited to find a clearance item that all at once symbolizes profundity and implies mathematics, geometry, order, proportion, and logic.  In some way, I felt that I had found a treasure, but it was only a treasure to me and the lucky few who had the gnostic knowledge to unlock the secrets of the Nautilus shell.  Maybe I could take this neglected clearance item as a sign of some larger trend in culture?  Is America getting to a point where its people can not recognize the significance of objects?  Or is this shell just something so ugly and kitchy that only an artist and nerd could love it?



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