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two of three: human camera

Stephen Draws Rome

So this video is just plain awesome. The music and voice over are kind of out of control… but I can handle it because the man and his brain are so amazing!!

Also, our business manager, Gloria, sent this out to the entire staff. Which, if you knew her would just make you chuckle. And no one ever sends silly emails to the whole MEF staff…


three of three: music in the home!

So this quaint little gem comes from an eclectic anthology of poetry, prose, and good ‘ol American charm that my friend Hannah had in her stash of old books for collaging. I snatched it, and pinned it to the bulletin board in our room. I have no idea who wrote it or the name of the book it comes from… but it has an aesthetically pleasing yellowed, torn, nostalgic look in its original form. Its title is “Music in the Home.”

“Music is an accomplishment unusually valuable as a home enjoyment, rallying round the piano the various members of a family, and harmonizing their hearts, as well as their voices, particularly in devotional strains. We know no more agreeable and interesting spectacle than that of brothers and sisters playing and singing together those elevated compositions in music and poetry which gratify the taste and purify the heart, while their parents sit delighted by. We have seen and heard an elder sister thus leading the family choir, who was the soul of harmony to the whole household, and whose life was a perfect example. Parents should not fail to consider the great value of home music. Buy a good instrument and teach your family to sing and play, then they can produce sufficient amusement at home themselves so the sons will not think of looking elsewhere for it, and thus often be led into dens of vice and immorality. The reason that so many become dissipated and run to every place of amusement, no matter what its character, making every effort possible to get away from home at night, is the lack of entertainment at home.”

Well, thats all for now. I hope that January is treating you all well! Tomorrow marks the 8th day in the Octave of Christian Unity… so, we can all feel particularly united as good Christian folk.

one of three

I’m Just Saying.

I miss yall! And so, I am going to inundate the blog with some random bits of joy.

But seriously.

We should all probably plan on that african reunion in the bar sometime soon.