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The Lunacy of Balance or "ya, you heard me, gimme a Bud Lime"

Dear Peter, I voted in the beer poll at least twice and the last time I voted for Bud Lime 1) because you gave it to me as an option 2) under the compulsion of a very very bright full moon 3) because it might actually be the best 4) to restore the ultimate balance of the universe. That is all. The die is cast. See you soon. Signed, Davey

To His Coy…Prufrock?

A friend of mine is reading poems with Dr. Whalen. He told me that Eliot might allude to “To His Coy Mistress.” Squeezing the universe into a ball, Do I dare disturb the universe? Maybe Eliot really liked Marvell’s war on time. Anyone heard this before?

Tim Eriksen – folk music

Stream this:

Also, the far left album is very good.