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An Article on Poetic Knowledge

Dear Friends, I must encourage you whole-heartedly to visit this link (at the bottom of my post) and read the contents.  It is a book review (by a comrade–Kirk Kramer) of Dr. James Taylor’s Poetic Knowledge.  If you have not already picked up a copy of this book, I highly recommend that you do so. […]

Bishop Conley’s Eulogy for Dr. Dennis Quinn

Dear Friends, We owe so much to Dr. Dennis Quinn.  I owe so much to Dr. Quinn.  Without Dr. Quinn I would not exist because my parents would never have met at the IHP program at KU.  Without the IHP program there would be no St. Greg’s, and no Whalens or Bascoms; certainly without Dr. […]

An adventure for a poem

I came across this poem a while back, but it should remind us to have adventures always, no matter how old we get. It is by Mark Van Doren, a devout Catholic and legendary professor of English at Columbia back in the day. He taught Dr. John Senior, and (I believe) Paul Spring’s father. I […]