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IHP Reunion: this September

This is probably old news to many of you, but just in case you were unaware, there will be an IHP Reunion late this summer (September 4-5) in Lawrence, Kansas. The event will take place over a few days and will feature A party (of course!) – food, drink, music, and poetry An Extraordinary Form […]

Andrew Wilson Smith

Here is a great photo of a fellow friend, artist, and alumni of St. Gregory’s Academy: Andrew Wilson Smith Andrew is pictured here in his studio at St. Gregory’s Academy in 2008.   Andrew has recently finished the capitals for the monks at Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma, and he is currently working on other […]

Bishop Conley’s Eulogy for Dr. Dennis Quinn

Dear Friends, We owe so much to Dr. Dennis Quinn.  I owe so much to Dr. Quinn.  Without Dr. Quinn I would not exist because my parents would never have met at the IHP program at KU.  Without the IHP program there would be no St. Greg’s, and no Whalens or Bascoms; certainly without Dr. […]