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Whit Stillman – Still a man of wit!

  f you haven’t seen Damsels in Distress, you will want to rectify that situation as soon as possible.  The movie is Whit Stillman’s first film in 10 years.  Whit Stillman is notorious for working on a shoe-string budget, which at the very least helps to emphasize the focus on whit and dialogue.  In Damsels the […]

You didn’t forget about Belloc did you?

Here’s a quick quip from Belloc that I recently enjoyed. Explicit Materialism, compared with the other philosophies meeting in man’s Palace of Debate, is like a jolly little self-satisfied dwarf who should be perpetually trying to push his way into the stately ceremonies of a Senate, and as perpetually getting turned out by the officials […]

An Awareness Test