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Lux is better than you–it is meta.  Lux (light).  Lighthousing in the Arizonian darkness.  It’s a beacon of fresh crunchy local art, culture, and goods.  This beacon is home to a fleet of ipod computers (called macs or ipads or imacs or something) a place of unbridled free thought for the rare hipster-sapien, and the […]

My First Student Drawing of Me

I confiscated this drawing in class. It’s two drawings of me.  One in a Picasso-like profile, and the other…well in the other I guess I’m wearing a Roman Centurian Helmet or something. click on the picture to take a closer look.

Practice vs. Theory

Is anything without the underpinning of theory?  What is the role of theory in education?  Ought one to teach theory before or after practice?  Many actions can be executed without formal theoretical knowledge: fighting for example can be known theoretically, yet one can still win a fight without formal martial training.  It seems to be […]