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Average length of local cell phone call in 2003 was 3 min; in 2010 it’s 1 min 47 sec

Here’s a read for you; this article presents some data that sort of shocked me. ¬†Thanks to Douglas M. for the recommendation! Today we worry about the social effects of the Internet. A century ago, it was the telephone that threatened to reinvent society. In 2009, the United States crossed a digital Rubicon: For the […]

Dionysian Music – Slipknot

I’m back in the States, despite a brief stay in Belford Hospital in Port William. Having time on my hands in the hospital, I was able to learn a new favorite poem (“I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow”), and, of course, think through a quick defense of music such as that produced […]

Responding to the Relativism of the Street

This is the first draft of an article I’m writing for De Rebus, an intraseminary publication on culture and politics. Yes, I’m part of the editing staff. Yes, I’ll probably run it next year. Responding to the Relativism of the Street Joshua M. Neu With regards to the relativism rampant in our culture, there are […]