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Interview with director James Mackenzie – A Draught of Vintage Artist Series

This is the 2nd post in the ADoV Artist Series.  I got a chance to talk to my good friend James Mackenzie about what he and his incredible wife are up to these days out there in Los Angeles. Check out James’ Vimeo for a taste of what he does, and always keep your ear to the ground […]

Bioluminescence of Fireflies

Proof that, sometimes, all you need is a good idea and the right execution. These long-exposure photos were taken by a man living in Japan. They show the bioluminescence of fireflies. Just as a science refresher, bioluminescence is that glowing neon light that fireflies give off when they want to attract a mate. Even though Hiramatsu might […]

The In-Between Seasons

Zach Culley (Luke Culley’s brother) wrote a poem about the in-between seasons.  I heard this poem in high school; Mr. Landell read it to us in Logic class, I believe.  I love the in-between seasons.  Here are some pictures from Phoenix in-between summer and autumn.  All of these photos were taken outside of my house […]