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Interview with poet Michael Horan – A Draught of Vintage Artist Series

This is the first post in a new series called “A Draught of Vintage Artist Series”. The series will consist of interviews with¬†artists of all kinds: florists, musicians, photographers, potters, poets, painters, map makers, filmmakers, and makers of all kinds. It will serve as a way to promote local and small-batch artists as well as […]


We were the last romantics – chose for theme Traditional sanctity and loveliness; Whatever’s written in what poets name The book of the people; whatever most can bless The mind of man or elevate a rhyme; But all is changed, that high horse riderless, Though mounted in that saddle Homer rode Where the swan drifts […]

October Maples, Portland by Richard Wilbur

This was today’s poem from Davey’s. ¬†It’s beautiful and reminds me of the Northeast, which I miss quite a bit. October Maples, Portland Richard Wilbur The leaves, though little time they have to live, Were never so unfallen as today, And seem to yield us through a rustled sieve The very light from which time […]