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There are more things that are dreamt of

I have been stirring things up lately (although I have a history of doing that) here in Phoenix, primarily concerning poetry.  I’ve been telling St. John’s College graduates outrageous things like Plato was a poet, and poetry is better than philosophy, and mostly ranting about Beauty in general.  But it reminded me of something that […]

“Lady Poverty”

Joey Prever’s meditations on the poor, the rich, DC, New Hampshire, Phoenix, “White-Trash,” and Hipsters! Wow that’s a lot of amazing topics to fit into one ridiculously insightful post!

Summer Update: IN DC; Funny Insightful Blog; Dr. Moran and Stibora; Painting

Summer Update:To my dearests: I’m in D.C. now, after a long and broken up drive.  It’s good to be here where the things are green and swampy.  It’s funny to be back in the east where the service is bad and the people don’t care.  I rediscovered a few things: green plants, hills, mailboxes, and […]