Better go down on your marrow bones

I did some car repairs today.

I love to be connected to the machine that I drive.  I have a 97 Toyota Camry, and it’s got about 160K miles on it.  His name is Benjy by the way.  Benjy has been serving me pretty well out here in the desert.  I gave him some real nice tinted windows last week.  He likes it a lot.  The tinted windows keep me nice and cool; on top of all that, everybody thinks that I’m some kind of tough guy and so they don’t mess with me or Benjy.  Today I went out and bought a drill gun.  It was pretty sweet purchasing a tool and then using it.  The job was to fix the passenger side speaker on the front door.  It has been going in and out for a while now, and I finally had enough.  The hardest part wasn’t getting the door off, but putting it back on.  There are some really tricky things on these Asian cars…
After all the repairs were done, I scrubbed Benjy down and got all the bugs off of the front.  If Benjy had to have an epithet it would be Benjy Bug-Bane.
The final touch was restoring the wind-burnt headlights.  With all the travelling that we’ve done together the headlights have become wind-burnt, which is where they appear yellow and scratched up.  I bought a restoration kit, basically you just buff away the scratches and it shines like new!  
I feel manly today.  Benjy is damn proud of his new look.  He still needs some flushes and a good vacuuming, but that will have to wait for a while.  

I might get Benjy a spoiler for his birthday (it’s in July I decided).

Now I’m off to a dinner with Mr. Jakubcyzick; it’s Arizona Right To Life.  Then a birthday party and hanging out with various UD people.

Enjoy your weekends dearest ones!

I am yours,

Lord Bloch

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