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Support GGA!

Dear friends and comrades,      SGA Alumni are undergoing a large-scale fundraising drive for Gregory the Great Academy for the upcoming school year 2013-2014.  The Clairvaux Institute has setup a task force to look for a temporary location for next year.  They are entering into negotiations with 2 potential properties in Scranton.  We need […]

Simply, The Dog House

Usually, when Anne tells me to do something, I respond like all self-respecting adults: with obedience. So, when Anne bid me write up about our trips to the The Dog House, I thought I would find myself easily acquiescing, glad to know my place and purpose in the world. The task, however, has been more […]

“And rural mirth and manners are no more” – Watch “FRESH” a powerful documentary about American agriculture

Please visit this link HERE to watch the documentary “Fresh.”  This film takes a look at the deficiencies and horrors of American Industrial Agricultural, but also provides a glimpse of several different organizations or farmers that are working today to create sustainable, philosophically sound, ethical, organic, and natural options for farmers and consumers.  It is only an […]