My First Official Art Exhibit

I’m very excited to announce to you the upcoming art show.

Jon Marino and I are going to be the visiting artists of the month at a local Phoenix Coffee Shop called Copper Star Coffee

We will be opening October 1st, which is also the same day as “First Friday,” which is a big night for the Phoenix art scene.

This is the flyer invitation that I designed for the event.

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2 Responses
  1. Chris says:

    Does “Handicap Accessible” imply that the art therein is relatively in-accessible for us hoi polloi? I might expect something along the lines of “Handicap Accessible and Generally Accessible Too” instead, if I presume incorrectly.

  2. Your art on here looks great. It seems like it’ll be a nice exhibition. Will it be some of the work you have on this website or is it all new? I’m guessing it’ll be paintings? Good luck, I’m sure it’ll go well.

    And yeah, I hope it’s not exclusively handicap accessible.

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