What’s good on Netflix Instant View?

So tonight, I decided to take the night off and watch something on Netflix.  I hate Netflix Instant View because it consists of mostly awful TV shows and B-Movies.  I had this great idea for a website: a site that rifles through Netflix Instant View Library and finds the good stuff.  Turns out it already exists.  So I looked around and found a movie that looked interesting enough–a light comedy that is cerebral.  So I ordered some Chinese food (I had been dying for some fried rice!) and started the movie.  It was called “Slacker.”  It’s a 1991 cult comedy movie set in Austin, TX.  It is a series of short vignettes of what it’s like to be a 20-something in Austin.  It was well worth the watch!  I enjoyed it quite a bit because it was entertaining and cerebral.  It wasn’t overly serious or entirely base; it was more of a mix between high and low.  There was a lot going on subtly, and the vignettes held together with a series of common themes.  So the next time you’re on Netflix Instant view and you’ve nothing to watch check out “Slacker.”  Chinese food always sounds like it will be a good idea.

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  1. Davey says:

    I just got a Netflix subscription in order to watch All Creatures Great and Small. Verily I am obsessed. In Sigfried’s words, “I’m practically vanishing up my own backside”. I’ll be in Phoenix in 4 weeks 🙂

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