Update: Things of Interest

I’ve been away for a bit, so here’s a quick update on what is going on.

1. I went to graduation over this past weekend at the University of Dallas to see my sister, Mary, graduate.  It was a great weekend, full of joyous times.  I got to see old friends, make new ones, visit with beloved professors, and drink in all of the goodness of that place.  While I was at the Collegium’s ‘Music and Meditation’ service, I happened upon this quote, which comes from the song they sing called Salve Festa Dies.

Hail thee, festival day! Blest day that art hallowed forever; day whereon Christ arose, breaking forth the kingdom of death.  Lo, the fair beauty of earth, from the death of winter arising! Every good gift of the year now with his Master returns: He who was nailed to the cross is Lord and the ruler of all men; all things created on earth sing to the glory of God.

Two parts of this struck me as particularly poignant for the weekend.  “Hail thee, festival day” (festa dies).  The feast day, according to Joseph Pieper, is a sacred and hallowed thing.  I love that this song unites this idea of feasting to Christ’s cross and resurrection.  The second thing is the line: “all things created on earth sing to the glory of God.”  It must be the case that the feast is connected with singing.  Singing is this natural outpouring of the joy that is germane to a feast.  Singing is also harmonious and lovely.  It can also be somewhat tribal and uncontrolled (or at least, it should be because it is not calculated: it is this thing that simply arises out of the mere fact of being created).  This uncalculated uncontrolled aspect of song and joy is something that I have been thinking a lot about.

2. I have a bunch of news that I can’t share just yet (some of you know about it already).

3. Gregory the great Academy is going along smoothly: all things are good including the numbers, thanks be to God.  Please keep praying and spreading the good news about our work there.

4. I have hidden a small wooden art mannequin on campus named Jerry Junior.  It acts something like the chicken game at St. Gregory’s Academy.  Here’s how it works.  If you find Jerry Jr. your class has the honor, the power, and the glory (kleos).  You must hide Jerry Jr. and present him once a month to show that you indeed have him.  You cannot hide Jerry Jr. off campus and it must be in a public area.  There has been a bit of buzz about Jerry Jr. lately.  Right now, the faculty are in possession of Jerry Jr..

5. I’m hoping to host a Coffee House/Open-Mic Night/Art Show at my house in June.  This is sort of inspired by the coffee houses at the Quincy House in Washington DC.  I always enjoyed going to those so much, so this will be an opportunity to bring a great idea to Phoenix, to bring people together and share the wealth of song, joy, and art.  Plans will be forthcoming.

That’s all for now.


Peter Hilaire

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  1. Hope the news is all good, and looking forward to it. Maybe you can share some of the photos from graduation online.

    Next blog entry, attach some more of your wonderful art, k?

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