The Destruction of Chartres Cathedral

This really upset me.  They have decided recently to “restore” Chartres Cathedral. However, what this means is that they have been removing the grime from the last 8 centuries, but also painting over the stones and guilding the bosses and the capitals of the columns have been painted a brilliant white (this is not Gothic as we have come to know it).  This has been the deconstruction of the mystery and allure of Chartres Cathedral, which made it the most enthralling and enchanting of Cathedrals in the world.  It is the white-washing of Chartres’ maturity.  Henry Adams would be outraged!  See in this photo the difference of before and after.
















Here’s an article you can read as well on this recent decision made by the puritanical iconoclastic elite.

Alasdair Palmer questions the ill-conceived makeover of Chartres cathedral which robs us of the sense of passing time that is part of its fascination and mystery

If you, like me, are also upset by this and want to do something about it, please sign this petition. Let’s bring this project to a halt before it’s too late.

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