Rough Shod Again

I’m rough shod, and not really ready, but here I go.

I’m moving to Dallas in about 5 days.  If you’re there, we’ll have to hang out.  If we’re not enemies yet.  It’s been a good time here in the dessert, and I’m very sad to leave all the friends and places behind, but I am hopeful and excited for the future!  I already feel a sense of energy rushing inside of me because of all the things that will be going on in the next year/chapter of my life.  Perhaps, after reading Joseph Swope’s exhortation, I can keep in touch with Phoenicians (that’s what Phoenix people call themselves because they want to sound cool) via snail mail–as in hand written letters.

Moving can be fun!

The moving business is quite the ordeal!  I can’t believe that there are so many things that one has to take care of just to get their bum out the door!  I’ve cancelled utilities, gotta change the address with the officials, got a truck and towing gear for Benji (my car), picked up a ton of boxes for all of my books n thangs, gonna clean things, gonna make a bunch of mixed CDs including a Bob Dylan cover CD inspired by this post, and basically get all the odds and ends tied up with packing cleaning and saying goodbye to friends.

Does anyone have any suggestions for CDs/Albums that I should get for the road?  The Penske truck only has a CD player, and this could be a great chance to get some new music.

See you soon?  Anyone going to David and Becca’s wedding?  Martha Henderson and Jacob Reiley’s wedding?  Anybody live in New Mexico?

Maybe I’ll see you soon and maybe not, but keep me in your prayers as I make the migration from the dessert to Dallas.


Peter Bloch

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