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Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

This is the kind of thing you stumble upon when you are procrastinating a Shakespeare paper. I happen to be: Rosalind!! Though it can’t count for much– those questions are so strange! Find out which Shakespeare Character you are by clicking HERE!

Rough Shod Again

I’m rough shod, and not really ready, but here I go. I’m moving to Dallas in about 5 days.  If you’re there, we’ll have to hang out.  If we’re not enemies yet.  It’s been a good time here in the dessert, and I’m very sad to leave all the friends and places behind, but I […]

Colossal + Tennis

Over this last week I was pleased to have Davey Talbot around Phoenix. He showed me this blog which is called “Colossal.” What a delight!  Colossal provides a variety of content. Some of the content on Colossal is beautiful.  Some of it is quirky, interesting, or thought- provoking, but the majority of it is fun […]