I have not abandoned you

My dear friends,

I have not abandoned the Draught.  I have been on vacation.  One must vacation every once and a while.  It is important, you see, to take breaks and take your eye from your work.  I find it always gives me a wider and unbiased perspective to leave something for a bit, and upon return, you are able to re-work the canvas with ease and dexterity, like Yeats telling us that our stitching and unstitching has been for naught if the marks of our labor are visible.

“Therefore, it is meet that noble minds keep ever with their like.  For who so firm that cannot be seduced?” -Cassius, Julius Caesar

We have to stick together to build this community.  We have to keep with our like, or else we will be seduced by the culture.  It is easy to break a single stick, or to bend a single rod of metal, but it is very difficult indeed to break a…bundle of sticks…or a group of metal rods to bend.  So, like Wordsworth’s flowers, we must up gather ourselves from our sleep.  And thus, I’ll be forthcoming on some great news regarding Gregory the Great Academy, on my own artwork, on some of my dear friends artwork, and on some cultural and silly topics to delight and make you a-mused.

Be happy,

Peter Hilaire

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