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Dear friends and comrades,

     SGA Alumni are undergoing a large-scale fundraising drive for Gregory the Great Academy for the upcoming school year 2013-2014.  The Clairvaux Institute has setup a task force to look for a temporary location for next year.  They are entering into negotiations with 2 potential properties in Scranton.  We need your support right now!  Depending on how much the Academy has in “Monthly Donations” they will be able to negotiate a better lease agreement.  Please consider a monthly donation to an extraordinary cause: the manly education of Catholic gentlemen in the Liberal Arts.

To donate, please visit this link.

The best kind of contribution is a monthly donation (no matter how small, any amount helps!); if you cannot count on a monthly donation, please consider a one time donation.  Again, no amount is too small.  Your donation is tax deductible, and because the organization backing Gregory the Great Academy, The Clairvaux Institute, is a religious organization your donation counts toward your tithing duty.

Will you consider donating $30.00/month?  That’s a dollar a day!  Store up treasure in heaven!

Please pray for the cause.  Prayers are more important than money.  Please contact me with any questions or to pass on any contact info of potential donors.

In Christ and St. Gregory the Great,

Peter Hilaire Bloch

PS – Read up on the history of SGA/GGA and the vision for the future

A History and Vision of Gregory the Great Academy
After existing for nearly two decades under the sponsorship of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) as St. Gregory’s Academy, a group of teachers and alumni are in the process of re-founding the Academy in order to continue the good things it has provided its students. St. Gregory’s Academy, now to be calledGregory the Great Academy, has its roots in the Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas (KU). The philosophy of the IHP provided the overall form within which a variety of other influences flourished.
The Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas began in 1970 and ran until the University shut it down in 1979. There were at that time a number of attempts to reinvigorate the Liberal Arts in the face of the institution decadence of the 1960s, but the IHP’s tone and vision were exceptional. Staffed by three professors, each with strong, yet complementary, personalities—John Senior, Dennis Quinn, and Frank Nelick—the program sought not so much to return students to the basics of a time past, as to reawaken them to the ever-present wonders of reality. The motto of the program sums this up well: Nascantur in admiratione, let them be born in wonder.
Clairvaux Institute Launches Development Committee for the Future Home of Gregory the Great Academy
Thanks to the generosity of alumni and benefactors of St. Gregory’s Academy, the Clairvaux Institute is pleased to announce the launch of a development committee dedicated to the purpose of finding a permanent home for Gregory the Great Academy.
Mr. Howard Clark is the committee director, assisted by Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick and Mr. Paul Prezzia. In recent weeks, Mr. Clark and Mr. Fitzpatrick they have been scouting properties, communicating with diocesan officials, canon lawyers, and insurance agents, working with realtors, and gleaning information on founding schools. Mr. Prezzia has been lending his aid in the many clerical tasks that this project requires, such as researching and filing initial paperwork for a private independent institution. Together, they are enthusiastic and absolutely committed to this project, working hard to overcome the many inherent and inescapable challenges.
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