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Gregory the Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Land of Song

Dear Friends, Gregory the Great Academy is gearing up for their annual crowdfunding campaign Land of Song – The Place of Music in Education. You might recall last year’s crowdfunding campaign. They are calling for people to signup to be a part of it in order to get the word out. The title of the […]

Gregory the Great Academy

Deo Gratias! Here is the latest off the desk of Howard Clark from the Clairvaux Institute concerning the new St. Gregory’s Academy! Now is the time to act! ┬áBe generous in your support of this new school! Warmly, Peter Bloch SGA Class of 2005  

St. Gregory the Great Banquet at SGA – Preview

This song was sung at the recent St. Gregory the Great Banquet at St. Gregory’s Academy. The video is a fragment; it is a preview of what is to come later. The song is called “The Night Visiting Song” (Luke Kelley has a good version of it) and it was sung by my classmate Brendan […]