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Gregory the Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Land of Song

Dear Friends, Gregory the Great Academy is gearing up for their annual crowdfunding campaign Land of Song – The Place of Music in Education. You might recall last year’s crowdfunding campaign. They are calling for people to signup to be a part of it in order to get the word out. The title of the […]

Joe Pug – The Great Despiser Comes Out Tuesday April 24

When does Joe Pug’s Latest album come out you may ask?  Why! this week of course!  On Tuesday! Pre-order it here: If you want to see if Joe is coming to your town look here: If you live in Phoenix, he’ll be playing at The Crescent Ballroom (burritos so good!) on Wednesday April 25th. Joe […]

Paul Spring CD Release

Friends, Paul Spring, singer song-writer in the twin cities is having a CD release party, and you should go if you’re in the area.  and more info here His new album is on iTunes and Amazon and stuff; you should get it. Here’s my favorite song, “Thin Veil.”