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Yes you can stare into the abyss, but it’s staring right back…

This past Saturday we had the traditional Mallapalooza of UD, and hands down, it was the best one yet. The day was loaded with a stellar line-up featuring rockabilly hits, reggae jammin’, soul funk, and danceable tunes. Student Foundation hosted a 3 hour cookout, the Senior Gift committee hosted a bags tournament, the beer garden opened at 5 p.m. (three hours earlier than normal)…all in all, it was a smashing success. But the highlight came at 11:30 p.m. when Dawes, (think Mumford & Sons meets Jackson Brown meets Old Crow Medicine Show) took the stage. The performance was nothing short of amazing… Here are a couple links to some of the performance (yes, that’s Paul Spring singing their biggest hit with them on stage!)

Now, to a continued “gush fest” about Dawes (because it was just so darn awesome).These guys are true musicians, especially considering they’re just on the brink of legit fame (they were on David Letterman the other night backing up Robbie Robertson of “The Band”) and are so down to earth.

Griffin, the drummer, and Tay, the pianist/organist, hung out in Old Mill for a while in the early evening, and after Malla was done, the rest of the band, Taylor the lead singer and Wylie the bassist, came by the Mansion for drinks, bags, and just general chill time. With a pretty consistent fan base, they’re definitely soon to be big, but as Taylor told quite a few of us, it’s all about the music for them. The lyrics are so poetic, really reflecting on themes that are complex, yet compellingly simplistic all at the same time. Whether it’s impending death and the fear of it being far too painful, unrequited love that burns within and can’t be explained, or a reflection upon one’s time soon to come, it’s all beautiful. While they could probably be defined as “chill,” they rock a live show like nobody’s business…Opening with a rock out hit (My girl to me) that had Taylor dancing all over the stage and shredding on solos that incited fan girl screams, to Griffin’s intense drum solo on “Bedside Manner”It is definitely worth buying their album, North Hills, if for no other reason than to be joined in spirit to the UD crowd that can’t stop talking about the most epic Mallapalooza performance in recent years.

Just to leave you with one final Dawes tidbit, watch this video of their biggest hit right now “When my time comes.” There wasn’t a silent person on the mall when they played this as their final song. We were belting the chorus, cheering for Paul when he went up there to sing with them, and dancing our hearts out.

Until Malla next year…


The University Shield

As some of you may know, last year an impassioned group of us began a publication at UD called The University Shield. We were largely successful with the two issues we printed and distributed last spring, and so, we have picked up the project once again and are publishing the first issue of this semester tomorrow.

I have not (as of yet) figured out how to post a .pdf file online. If I have a few spare minutes to play around on the computer and figure out that doo-daddy trick, then by all means, it will be up. BUT, for the time being, if you’d like a copy delivered straight to your personal email inbox, then please, shoot me an email at and I’ll be sure to send it your way.

The issue this month is dedicated to the many priests and religious that have helped shape our beloved UD, and so we have 2 quite dense and lengthy articles about the Cistercian’s influence on UD and the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur. The articles will certainly be enjoyable to you (I think) and move your hearts and minds to loving this place even more.

So recap: email me at and I’ll send you a copy of the Shield.



Isolated Love? – It doesn’t exist…

I am in the process of writing my thesis on the vocation to love according to Dietrich von Hildebrand & Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II). These are the first of many paragraphs sure to compile the entire work, and so in celebration of finally writing something, I’ve decided to post just these few snippets. Enjoy.

The on-going experience of Love…

Love is never an isolated experience. It cannot be one singular moment whereby two people are caught up in a passionate experience and then are able to “move on.” This is contrary to the very nature of love, because love is, at the very root, an experience of discovery. One can clearly not discover one moment and not be discovering the next. Rather, one embarks on the journey of discovery and having set out, is now committed to continuing that journey for the rest of their life. Love, then, as a journey of discovery, means that one has set out to come to discover the beloved.

There is a goal set when one embarks on this journey of love, then – a goal satisfied each and every time the lover recognizes, yet again, the unique distinctness of the beloved. One loves not out of necessity or to fulfill a desire or because they are obligated to do so. No, one loves because they are drawn to this other person and hope to continue reveling in the delight of the other’s very existence. The goal, simply, is to discover all there is to know about the beloved; the lover wants to know, to see the glory that is this other person’s very existence, to be permitted to plumb the depths of another’s soul and see who they truly are and what gives them the life they so gloriously live.

Love cannot be isolated, then, for if it were, one would never plumb the depths as much as they would want to. They’d only be skimming the surface of an infinitely deep ocean, merely snorkeling rather than truly diving in to come to understand what lies beneath the simple top. If love were merely a “one time thing” experienced singularly without any “follow up” or “return,” then each and every person would be dissatisfied, unhappy, lonely, and above all frustrated at life itself.

When love is the expansive discovery that it is meant to be – when it is the journey of discovery of another that leads one to a true and complete understanding of the very self of the beloved – then we rejoice. We blush and giggle and spend hours swooning over the very thought of the other person, for they have awakened in us a delight that cannot be contained, but rather pours forth in everything we do and say. It brings us unbridled joy, this journey of discovery that is “loving another”, and it is a joy we each seek to know…a joy we each want to experience. And so we set out, our hearts open, our souls attuned to the souls of those we notice, and look for the moment when we can set out on this journey and seek to discover the beauty of another.

More to come when inspiration hits…