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The University Shield

As some of you may know, last year an impassioned group of us began a publication at UD called The University Shield. We were largely successful with the two issues we printed and distributed last spring, and so, we have picked up the project once again and are publishing the first issue of this semester […]

“I’m On A Boat!” is a post-modern expression of high existentialism

Sometimes, I am embarrassed to admit that I indulge in certain types of media: for example, I love me some Slipknot, revel in Eminem, and even enjoy things like “I’m on a Boat!” I have to ask myself, “Self, are you just being base and falling for stuff that diverts your mind from reality for […]


Hello friends, I’m leaving for Israel on June 23 and will return on July 3. It’s a ten-day trip with Father Mitch Pacwa–pretty legit. In fact, you can read Itinerarium corporis in Israel if you want to see where I’m going. So, if there’s something that you want me to pray for, maybe at a […]